Europeans discovered the benefits of sunlight-environments hundreds of years ago. The traditional English style conservatory / tea room is one of the most desired and cherished atmospheres and lifestyles in the world. Today over 500,000 American families per year are discovering the benefits of sunroom living by adding some type of light filled room. A glass solarium from Affordable Sunrooms is the ultimate sunroom environment. Here are just a few of the benefits you´ll receive when you add a beautiful solarium or conservatory.

Sunroom Living

Relaxing Atmosphere

A properly designed sunroom will create an atmosphere that will allow you to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Stimulate Your Senses

Your new sunroom will quickly become the home of numerous plants and blooming flowers. Imagine the fragrances you will experience within your new room. You will enjoy the changing seasons right before your eyes. Experience a spring rain without getting wet, a snowstorm without getting cold, falling leaves in the autumn. Open the windows and you´ll hear the songbirds singing as they enjoy the bird feeders you have surrounding the room. The more you stimulate your senses, the more you will enjoy your experience.

Sunrooms Promote Better Health

There have been hundreds of scientific studies proving humans are healthier if they are exposed to regular doses of sunlight. Most of these studies have been done in conjunction with investigation of occurrences of mental illness and depression in countries that experienced long periods of cloud cover or cold elements. The overwhelming conclusion is people´s health improves and they feel better in sunlight environments.

Great Resale Value

Sunrooms and solariums enjoy a very high resale compared to most home improvements. Why? Because other people want to experience the sunroom feeling. In a recent survey Builder Magazine discovered that sunrooms were the third-most requested amenity in homes in excess of $250,000! Homes that have properly designed sunrooms sell faster and for far more money than ones that do not. In simple terms that means you will get to enjoy your new room and someone else will help you pay for it when you sell your home.

Take a Mini Vacation

Convenient way to take a mini vacation, every day. You could take a mini vacation to your personal sanctuary every day.

  • Create a tropical paradise
  • Butterfly conservatory
  • Bird-watching hideaway
  • Enjoy the environment of your dreams

  • Spa or fish pond to enhance your enjoyment
  • Greenhouse with blooming flowers
  • Personal scenic view of the outdoors