We are now offering pre-fabricated fully designed solar structures that gives you superior design, superior materials, and superior performance. Feature after feature, these structures’ standards show up as costly options in other brands. With a wide range of standard sizes to choose from, plus unlimited custom design capabilities. All backed by a company with several decades of architectural experience.

The Benefits Of Our Solar Structures

- Pre Fabricated

- Pre Cut

- Pre Drilled

- Pre Engineered

The addition of a solar product is an investment that adds value to a house or business. Canopies, skylights and carports are a refreshing design change not only aesthetically pleasing, but have a healthful aspect toward your power bill.
Solar Canopy

More than Just Racking

This is more than just a mill finished racking system (standard to most solar panel installation). Designs that will add an area for your family or business to enjoy year-round. This not only adds outdoor living space but is also a decorative edifice for bifacial solar panel housing. These systems creates an unlimited amount of additional uses for solar panels.

The Benefits to Home or Business

Resale Value – Adds beautify and value to your home -120% Value of Dollars spent.
Quality of Life – A feeling of airiness within your space.
Added Living Space – For a variety of uses; grilling, sitting, eating, shading, etc
Ease of Construction – Less time to build, economically cheaper than conventional construction.
Design – Professionally designed and engineered for you and your location.
Quality – Highest quality aluminum and E.P.D.M gasketing. Long lasting and made to endure all the seasons.
Natural Light – Bifacial Solar Canopy allows 15% natural light transmission.
Style – Aesthetically pleasing to your home. Endless possibilities, offering decorative accessories, columns, caps, and colors to add your own personal touch.

Sanyo Solar Panel
Solar Canopy


Looks Are Everything – Unlike the bulky racking systems that gives a temporary “science-project” look, we can achieve a finished look, dramatically increasing curb appeal. The racking system provides a white or bronze skylight-looking frame, complimenting your home or business.

Designed Correctly – Unlike other manufactures that drill into the PV frame (voiding the UL listing and possibly the warranty), these designed systems accept the frame and wire system without drilling or modifying the PV module.

Internal Wire Chase – Allowing the PV panel wires to run throughout an internal grid. Which not only creates a clean look on the outside, but also protects the wires from the elements by encasing them inside the aluminum structure.

Solar Products Qualify For The Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – The tax credit is equal to 30% of the price of products outlined in the solar plan. Not to mention state and local solar incentives possibly available.

Pre-Manufactured Kit – includes detailed assembly instructions and a technical support number

Heavy Duty – 5-fin E.P.D.M rubber gasketing around each pane.

Framework – Over 200 different patent aluminum dies.

Weather Tight Designs – Keeping the elements out.

Field Adjustable – Ridge height and pitch.

Solar Canopy

Endless Applications

Interested in creating a solar panel master piece for you home or business? Since there are endless applications, contact us and let us know what you are looking for, tell us your idea. We will make that design come to life.
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