Ceder Greenhouse
Ceder Greenhouse

Affordable Sunrooms greenhouses will wed the natural sunlight of the outdoors to create organic photosynthesis, without the worry or risk of damage to your plants from disease, insects, and inclement weather conditions. Brighten up your life and your plants with a Affordable Sunrooms greenhouse. Our greenhouses are truly beautiful and offer even the most discriminating customers the highest in quality and value.

Self reliance and sustainability is what you get with our greenhouse line. Through innovative ventilation, automatic watering systems, lights and solar panels, Affordable Sunrooms has created a self-contained and self-tending hobby greenhouse. With many sizes and options available, there is sure to be a greenhouse that will fit your needs. Contact Us for additional information.

The Gabriel Greenhouse

The Gabriel Greenhouse 10’x 10′ is a 10′ W x 6′ L greenhouse attached to a 10′ W x 4′ L shed. The entire structure is made from eastern cedar, which not only looks great, but contains natural preservatives allowing greater longevity and resistance to rot. The greenhouse is covered in toughened safety glass while the shed’s roof is made of powder-coated corrugated aluminum. The cedar roof spars are protected by exterior capping with neoprene gaskets to secure glass and ensure weatherproofing.

The Gambrel Greenhouse

The Gambrel style also features 35% more overhead growing space compared to our typical gable greenhouse an automated ventilation ridge that runs the length of the structure and opens when the temperature rises to release excess heat from the greenhouse. The included gutters and downspouts are constructed from powder-coated aluminum for durability and ease of connection to existing tanks or rain barrels. Accessible by a single glazed swinging door, while the shed is separated by an open doorway.

About The Frame

The greenhouses are made from Eastern Cedar, which is a stable and long-lasting wood often used in harsh climates where strength is a necessity. When red cedar absorbs moisture, its naturally occurring preservatives are triggered and the moisture is quickly released into the air, helping to give red cedar its longevity.

Additional Exterior Information

The greenhouses are covered in tempered safety glass and weather protected with powder-coated aluminum features. The aluminum gutters and downspouts are designed for easy compatibility with rain barrels and water tanks. The cedar roof is protected by hand-turned cedar caps and neoprene gaskets for additional weather protection. The roof itself is pitched at 45° which helps prevent snow buildup, while an automated heat-sensitive ventilation system runs the length of the greenhouse, releasing heat at the most advantageous point.

Each greenhouse sits on its own 6″ x 6″ cedar foundation frame, which raises the greenhouse off the ground and provides a stronger fixing point for the foundation.

White pine does not hold up to weather well at all. Yellow pine is a much more weather resistant than white pine, but still should be given some kind of coating – good oil primer with a latex paint is best. Even with proper paint, untreated is not suitable for a structure, only siding or trim. Soft woods and easily deteriorates in bad weather especially North Westerly USA or coastal areas. You can try to treat it with a weatherproofing agent but it is inevitably going to rot.

Also, most pressure treated lumber (commonly called salt treated, ACQ, etc) is yellow pine. Treated yellow pine lumber is good for outdoor structures. Once treated it is rot resistant, but should still have some kind of coating to protect from checking and general weathering. Deck stain, paint, etc. Try cedar with waterproofing. It smells nice and although a soft wood, will last much longer. You can also use kiln dried and pressed to alleviate moisture!

While there is generally color variation in the cedar, as it is exposed to the weather and begins releasing absorbed moisture, it will begin to mellow into a silver gray color. This is natural and not an indication of faulty or bad material.

A Renewable Resource In High Demand

  • Ideal material for outside siding
  • Very good thermal insulating and acoustic property
  • Contains natural oils that offer an exceptional resistance against molding, decay & insects
  • Stable and extremely long-lasting wood
  • Does not require any preservative product or maintenance
  • Paint and stain easily adhere
  • Natural alternative to treated wood

  • The lightest wood species in Canada
  • Can be easily nailed without cracking

All advanced research in technology have not been able to duplicate wood’s unique characteristics and performance capabilities. The cedar’s natural variations of shades, its fine grain and its soft texture cannot be reproduced with plastic or composites.

Gabriel Pricing

Size (no doors in 4′ widths) Complete parts kit you assemble panels
9′ Wide X 4′ Long $2890
9′ Wide X 8′ Long $3810
9′ Wide X 12′ Long $4490
9′ Wide X 16′ Long $5770
9′ Wide X 20′ Long $7220
9′ Wide X 24′ Long $8835
11′ Wide X 12′ Long $5540
11′ Wide X 16′ Long $7035
11′ Wide X 20′ Long $8525
11′ Wide X 24′ Long $10020
15′ Wide X 8′ Long $5230
15′ Wide X 12′ Long $6720
15′ Wide X 16′ Long $8845
15′ Wide X 20′ Long $10480
15′ Wide X 24′ Long $12750
15′ Wide X 28′ Long $14830
15′ Wide X 32′ Long $16345