Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort and safety of a new year-round sunroom! The Grandest view is through large glass bays, not operable windows with screens. Large bays of fixed glass of superior safety, comfort and energy performance. Enjoy you own grand view from the comfort and safety of a year-round Affordable Sunroom!

Fixed glass panels are fully tempered for maximum strength and safety. 15/16″ overall thickness.

Grandview Sunroom
View from typical patio room enclosure made of sliding windows with screens.
Grandview Sunroom
View from GRANDVIEW sunroom made of standard fixed glass panels.

Virtually unbreakable CrystalShield™ tempered SAFETY glass is standard. Improved comfort comes with adding SilverCoat™ E low-emissivity high-performance coatings to reduce solar heat gain and ultraviolet light penetration. Permanently sealed inside the window units, these coating help you enjoy winters and summers.


Fixed glass panels are much more energy efficient than operable windows.

– Better Glass, Better Seals
– Fewer Edges, Less Energy Transfer

Affordable Sunrooms always recommends adding HVAC to year-round sunroom additions. Small operable windows outside main viewing areas can provide ventilation during nice weather.

Grandview Sunroom

This sunroom features fixed glass panels with operable windows in the kickpanel.

Wall systems designed and engineered by experts…

GRANDVIEW standard wall systems are designed for easy installation on knee-walls or the floor. The standard 8′ high wall unit incorporates a 12″ tall solid insulated transom wall panel above two fixed glass panels.. During installation, adjustments are easily made by trimming the transom wall panel to fit.

Wall sections can be ordered with solid glass from floor to ceiling, or with operable awning or sliding windows, or solid insulated wall panel in any position. Available doors include 3′ hinged, 6′ slider, and 6′ French Doors. Ask about popular accessories such as vertical shades, fans, and HVAC units.

Grandview Wall System