Aluminum’s unique quality of light weight and structural strength makes an ideal for sunroom structures. We use heavy gauge extruded aluminum in order to achieve a slim and elegant look without sacrificing structural strength. Our aluminum sunrooms and conservatories have 100% thermally broken frames, it eliminates transfer of heat or cold. This technology allows your sunroom to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. All of our solarium’s and conservatories feature a durable baked enamel finish in white, almond, or bronze, assuring long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance. Custom colors and anodized finishes are also available. We offer the most complete range of glass enclosure products in any size and every style.

Aluminum Sunroom Kit Frame

Vinyl Clad

Due to its light weight, extreme efficiency and superior durability, vinyl is recognized as the material of choice for a large number of building products. Affordable Sunroom Kits elite line of sunrooms, patio rooms and conservatories using thermally broken aluminum with vinyl clad, to assure efficiency and low maintenance. Our patio rooms, sunrooms and conservatories are available as factory pre-assembled modular sections to simplify the installation process. Built in electrical raceways provides easy electrical wiring installation. Affordable Sunroom Kits vinyl-clad all season patio enclosures are available in neutral white color that blends with your home.

Vinyl Sunroom Kit Frame

Natural Wood

There’s nothing more appealing than the beauty and warmth of a natural wood in your sunroom. Wood interior sunrooms and conservatories are real Douglas Fir or Red Oak. If you’re personal style or the wood finish in your home, requires you to have a specific type of wood, we also offer: alder, mahogany, cherry, maple, pine, or cedar. You may choose any stain color and clear top finish to satisfying your taste. Our wood interior sunrooms are always manufactured with external aluminum cladding to insure the maintenance free and long lasting beauty. Our wood sunrooms and conservatories are available in three standard exterior colors: white, almond, and bronze. Custom colors are available up on request.

Natural Wood Sunroom Kit Frame

Sunroom Kit Frame Features

Since Affordable Sunroom Kits offers sunroom kits from several manufacturers, we are able to provide you with a sunroom system that meets your demands. Based on your needs we will narrow down and find the right sunroom system. Here are some of our common sunroom frame features…

Thermally Broken Frames

Exterior does not touch interior metal. Reduces transfer of heat and cold. Framing members have a polyurethane section that separates the aluminum components. Reduces condensation and frost collecting on the aluminum frame. A common problem on many standard aluminum frame systems.

Built-in Weepage System

Weepage systems have been designed so moisture will weep to the outside. All structures will create condensation and this system has been designed to deal with it. Primary glazing members have 4 Weepage channels! When installed correctly our system will drain moisture down to the sill where its then forced to the outside.

Built-In Shade Tracks

Some people only enjoy the light and suns warmth about half the time. The other times glazed structures should be insulted to reduce heating or cooling costs. Built in tracks allow quick and easy installation of a shade system. This will reduce your overall investment and simplify the process should you decide to add shades.