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F.A.Q. Category Installation.

Where can my Room be built?

Sunrooms can be built on a New or Existing existing slab or deck, patio, porch, or almost any other location next to or underneath a pre-existing structure.

How long does it take to Install the Room?

Rooms are installed in 1 to 2 Days by a Factory Trained Installer & usually 2 to 4 days by a Contractor, Handyman or Home Owner.

What if I want to Install Myself?

You’ll receive an installation manual & Install Phone Tech Support Monday thru Friday

Acrylic & Poly-Carbonate Rooms

Major scratching is typical to any acrylic and poly- carbonate rooms. Building departments call these structures temporary because they do not hold up under extreme weather conditions and will need to be replaced sooner than later. Or just torn down because they become unsightly storage sheds.

Scratched Acrylic and Polycarbonate

Insulated glass rooms add square footage to your already existing floor plan and adding that type of room has a great return on your investment. In most cases your property tax will only increase ¾ of 1 percent annually with our additions.

We only recommend our acrylic or poly-carbonate rooms for larger detached greenhouses.