1. Glazing ribs are extruded from high-strength aluminum alloy for a level of strength that surpasses most building code requirements without additional supports.

2. All flat glass is fully tempered and insulated for your safety.

3. Our curves are insulated with several high-performance glass options. All standard curves are fully tempered for strength and safety.

4. Thin-profile muntin design helps prevent dirt and moisture buildup for less maintenance.

5. Sunrooms are 100% thermally broken to virtually eliminate the transfer of heat and cold in and out of the system.

6. Our frame finishes are electrostatically applied and baked for long lasting beauty.

7. High-quality quad-fin SantopreneTM gaskets help prevent leaks.

8. Sill flashing (supplied) helps protect against leaks and creates a finished appearance.

9. Unique sloped and channeled sill drains moisture outside quickly.

10. Closed-cell glazing tape improves moisture protection.

11. Stainless steel fasteners prevent rust and decay.

Aluminum Frame Specs
Aluminum Frame TearDuct

TearDuct™ Weepage Control helps prevent moisture problems before they occur by draining moisture down dual hidden channels to sloped sills where it is forced outside. The whole process is invisible.

12. Built-in shade tracks make installation and operation of our exclusive ComfortGlide™ shade system quick and easy.

13. The unique built-in accessory screw track makes it easy to hang lights, plants, fans and other accessories without drilling holes in the frame.

14. Seamless bar cap covers hide all fasteners from view for a clean, finished appearance.